Our primary objective is to ensure the coverage of the national market in terms of Culture Media and Biological Reagents and to guarantee their permanent availability in order to respond to the risks of shortage in this material.

Biomest®: The "Ready to Use" form, a novelty on the national market

Through the new formula “PETRI DISH READY TO USE” Biomest® aims to facilitate the work of laboratory technicians by reducing the handling time of Culture Media, since it does not require any prior preparation (the dissolution of the agar and pouring it into a Petri dish which wastes up to 2 hours of time). This formula thus limits the risks of contamination linked to usual use and preserves material resources (consumption of distilled water and electricity linked to the use of the marie-bath)

Biomest®: challenges and prospects

In order to promote technological progress in the field of Microbiology, our Company plans to invest as much as possible in the framework of Scientific Research and Development in collaboration with Universities and Research Centers throughout the national territory with a view to offer students and researchers a forward-looking platform.